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Monday morning, I awoke with the word “sustain” on my mind. So during my Jesus time I looked up the word, but nothing really stuck out. No “aha!” moment.

Fast forward to today, I again woke with “sustain” on my mind. So I said, “Ok God, I’ll dig deeper!”. But! Last week my study Bible [my “go-to” Bible] had to go to the book binders to get a little work done. The poor girl was just falling apart and needed some TLC.  I finally got her back yesterday.  This morning I eagerly opened up my Bible and looked up “sustain” in my concordance/dictionary.

Sustain: to support or maintain; to keep in existence.

Then I looked up the scripture references that have “sustain” in them. And this one is why God keeps waking me up with this word on my heart.

Psalm 55:22

Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never let the righteous fall.

Here it is in the NET version:

Psalm 55:22

Throw your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you, He will never allow the godly to be upended.

 Here is the note that I wrote in Bible from 5-27-12 from a blog post from Beth Moore. (Listen, I know I’m slightly neurotic, but I like dates and I like remembering the places and things that God has places on my heart at specific timesJ)

 “This invitation is personal, singular -“YOU”.

And this….Before you are tempted to hold it to your chest and suffocate yourself nearly to death with it, THROW. “

 Whatever IT is today, give it, throw it to God.  He is oh, so, capable and willing to bear our burdens, to carry us through.  He will sustain you. This day, this moment. When we can’t see through the fog, when the answer isn’t in sight. When we are holding so tightly onto things that harm, that feel safe, When we think we can go it on our own. Give it to Him.

 Oh friends, as I write this, know that I’m writing to myself today. This is the truth that I need to place firmly in my heart and cling to today. And if you needed to hear it today too. I’m so glad. I’m glad that we walk together in this life and that we can say, “Me too.” I wrestle and struggle too. Be encouraged and run to Jesus.  And we will run together.


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