a one day event for the girls of New England | November 18 | Hudson, MA

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Why Simply Beautiful?

Anticipation is in the air- excitement is mounting- and a flurry of lists and projects and laughter and prayers are in action.

IT’S NINE DAYS AWAY, LADIES! NINE! So, with the countdown being so close, I wanted to say some words about the big question: WHY Simply Beautiful?

For Kristine Rego and Bethany Needham, it started as a dream and a hope and a prayer on their hearts. New England is unlike any other place in America. Our girls are fierce, tough, strong, and resilient. We like real, roll our sleeves up, get dirty in the mud kinda truth. We’re in it for more then the cultural prestige of “going to church” and we desperately are in need of making an impact on our poor “frozen chosen” region. All over the country there are events tailored to teen girls, but there was nothing for the ladies of New England. So Kristine and Bethany  brought other like minded women on board and they came together with one heart, deciding to ask God to make their dream a reality. When God does something, He does it well. And so, He did exceedingly and abundantly more than they ever dreamed!

So this year, with hearts and minds anticipating the ongoing battles we all are facing on a day to day basis, we are coming together to tell stories. My story, Your story, Our Stories, and His Story. We are telling the stories that need to be told to encourage and strengthen one another. We are telling the stories that are the common threads throughout all of our lives. We are speaking truth to the stories, bringing life to the stories, and honoring what God is doing in our stories.

We are excited to invite you to the larger story already being told. We are joyful that God allows us to be a part of the story, and we want you to be there to help us write more of the greater Story.

Your story is a story begging to be told. Come share, come learn, come listen, and come allow God to speak.

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