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Come as You Are

One on my most cherished understandings of Jesus is this- that we are truly, deeply, and wonderfully loved- right.where.we.are.at.  Meaning, wherever your feet are placed right now, God’s got you.  Whatever season of life you are skipping around in, running out of, or meandering through- you are safe. You have not been forgotten by the God of the universe. He sees you.


wait, did you hear that? {ya, ya- I can’t hear text either… But listen}






Struggling to wrap my little mind around some {BIG} concepts tonight in preparation for Saturday (eeks! Saturday! 3 more days!) and was quieted by the whisper of God’s voice proclaiming the truth I know someone desperately needs to remember tonight- you are seen, you are known, and you are a part of God’s plan.


So, dear ones, as we move one day closer, let this be fresh wind to you- God is with you, He is mighty, and He.Sees.You.


Here are some closing words by a man with much wisdom:

” Is there any place to go to avoid your Spirit? Then I said to myself, ‘oh, He sees me in the dark!’. It’s a fact- darkness isn’t dark to you; night and day, darkness and light, they’re all the same to you. Y ou know me inside out, every bone in my body; You know how I was made. Like an open book, you  watched me grow…” Psalm 139(7-16 loosely)


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