a one day event for the girls of New England | November 18 | Hudson, MA


An unforgettable one day event for the girls of New England.

An Entirely Different Event for Teen Girls.

Simply Beautiful is a one day, can’t miss event! This is the perfect experience to equip girls with TRUTH. It’s time to throw away the false definitions from culture, trends, and other people’s opinions and redefine our heart with Truth, straight from God’s Word! The Truth that God promises will set us free! It’s time to live in the FREEDOM of grace and mercy and go out ready to be the girls God has called us to be!

Simply Beautiful Team

A leadership team that represents a beautiful mosaic of life with Jesus.

Women from across New England who share a passion for Jesus are behind this amazing event and their desire is for YOU to know Jesus in a REAL and PERSONAL way!

Dynamic gatherings, rich in worship & the Word.

We will be led in the Word by our speaker, Bethany Needham, who has a huge heart for teen girls. We will worship our great God with our gifted team of worship leaders. The main gatherings are always a highlight.

Breakout “Labs” covering a broad spectrum from a Gospel-centered perspective. 

Beyond the main gatherings we feature a wide array of breakout “labs” with hand-picked presenters. In addition to a number of topical classroom sessions we have some hands-on options and a few choices that will get you very active. 

One day that has a long lasting impact.

Whether your relationship with God is strong, weak or even non-existent, it doesn’t really matter. Come to this exciting event, have fun, leave your daily dramas behind and experience what God’s truth really is and how it can change your life!

We want to you leave this conference not on a “mountain top high” but EQUIPPED! We want you to be VICTORIOUS in a world that will try to drag you down at every turn, as we arm you with truth, grace and mercy!

Meet the Team

Thank you for your faithfulness. It is obvious that a lot of prayer went into the day. So energizing and challenging! – Nancy, FBC Newport, RI