a one day event for the girls of New England | November 18 | Hudson, MA


What is the vision of the event?

A high energy one day gathering for young women from New England that expresses the hope of freedom in Jesus and provides practical tools to understand and live out the truth of God’s Word.

What does the registration include?

The registration fee covers the entire program (speaker, musicians, production team, breakout sessions, etc) as well as a light breakfast at registration and a catered lunch.

Where is the event?

This year’s event is being held at Grace Baptist Church, Hudson, MA. For directions click here.

What is the targeted age group for the event?

We have designed the sessions and breakouts primarily around Middle School and High School girls. We welcome all ages to attend and especially see value in younger girls attending with their mom or close adult mentor. The main sessions will not delve too into controversial or age sensitive issues. Any breakouts that we feel might be more fitting for older students will be noted in the info packet for the day of the event.

Is this an event just for youth groups?

While we full heartedly encourage students to attend with their youth groups the structure of this event lends itself to groups of all sizes and varieties. You will feel welcomed no matter what your group looks like!

Who is sponsoring this event?

The Simply Beautiful Conference part of  Greenhouse. Greenhouse is the vision of Andy and Bethany Needham who have spent the last decade in church and parachurch ministry in New England and have a passion to see churches and Christians thrive! Greenhouse is also the sponsor of the Simply Worship Conference.