a one day event for the girls of New England | November 18 | Hudson, MA


Labs are 50-minute breakout sessions.

Morning GIRL Talk Session

Erica Renaud: Sisterhood

Tori Marocco: My Story

Rachelle Chase: This is what I feel. This is what I know.

Morning Labs

Trust Without Borders: Learning to Trust Beyond Circumstance
with Andrea Dionne & Brittany Warner
Do you trust God? As Christians our immediate answer would normally be a resounding YES! But really think about it: what if the person you love most in the world was taken from you tomorrow? Would you still trust in Him? What if He decided to lead you in an entirely different direction than you’d planned all your life? Would you still obey? In our greatest trials, in our worst heartache, Christ is the one and only savior. Come join us as we explore the way to trusting in Christ no matter life’s circumstances.

Personalized Verse Mapping
with Ali Vitello
Learn a fun and unique way to study the Scriptures! Verse Mapping helps you dive deep into a single verse to discover its true meaning and context. This is an excellent resource for people who are seeking a deeper way to study the Word and apply it to their everyday lives!

Ordinary Girl in an Extraordinary Story
with Hayley Stebbings
Come join the circle and listen to the life story of an ordinary, small-town girl and how Jesus has transformed her heart and perspective to align with and be a part of the most Extraordinary Story of love, grace, and sacrifice.

Pitch Perfect
with Erin Martin
Do you love to sing?! If so, this lab is for you! On our journey, when we put our trust in Christ, he promises to give us courage to live our lives to the fullest as we follow his lead.  So to celebrate that, we’ll be learning an original a cappella arrangement of the worship song You Make Me Brave by Amanda Cook.  The more voices, the better, so bring yours to this great time of music and worship!

Beauty & Identity: God’s View Versus the World’s View
with Danielle Doan
In a world that is obsessed with thigh gaps and six packs, our perception of beauty is more than flawed – it’s completely skewed! Join us for this active lab where we’ll learn what Scripture teaches us about real beauty, hear a bit of Danielle’s story, and engage in a quick workout as we learn what it means to steward our bodies well.

Missional Living
with Lynda Snelling
Charles Spurgeon once said, “Every Christian is a missionary or an imposter.” You don’t have to go overseas to be a missionary! In this workshop, we will learn how to recognize the areas of influence that God has entrusted to you and how to see yourself as a “sent” ambassador for Christ to those people.

Afternoon Labs

Mixed Media Art Project
with Stephanie Morin
Come make a beautiful and unique piece of mixed media art! Using a variety of colors, textures and scripture, you can make something truly special to take with you to remember the day and where you are in your journey at this moment in time. Get ready to listen to some worship music, hang out, and get creative!  

Fearless in Faith: An Active Lab
with Sarah Sheppard
When is the last time you did something with all your might? When was the last time you did something fearlessly? Too often we find ourselves walking through life with our hands by our sides, our voices just above a whisper, and our feet locked to the ground because of insecurity or pride. Come join us for this active lab where we will seek to find freedom in fearless worship of our Jesus through the medium of dance.

Let Your Yes Be Yes & Your No Be No: A Workshop on Creating Healthy Boundaries
with Jocelyn Peirce
Feel like you have to say yes to everything? Worried that people will think you’re mean if you say no? This workshop will help us think about how to make healthy boundaries in our lives so that we can be intentional about doing the things that we love and give us life! Come prepared

to participate and move around—this will be an interactive workshop!

Growing in the Garden of Friendship
with Malia Wambolt & Anna Culton
“Who are your best friends?” When asked this question, most of us can name several people. “Who is helping you to grow?”, now that is a harder question. In this workshop, Anna and Malia, a pair of unlikely friends, will share their story of friendship and the importance it has had on their personal growth in the Lord.

God’s Love Story for You
with Micah & Felicia Lang
Most of us would admit that we want to love and be loved by someone. In fact, many of us have probably prayed to God asking for that one special person. Has God written a love story for each of us? If so, can we know it? What does it look like? What is the purpose for relationships at all? In this session, we will explore what the Bible has to say about relationships and the fundamental truths that help shape our understanding of love, purity, and holiness.

Wild & Free
with Anna Maling
God created you to live wild, free, and unencumbered by the expectations of other’s. Come and learn about what it means to rest in the freedom of Christ’s grace, mercy, and unconditional love and be empowered to throw off the chains of chasing the approval of those around you.
Moms and Mentors: The Journey to Surrender
Simply Beautiful is about teen girls AND the women who are walking alongside them! This lab is just for you – to refresh your soul, to encourage and love you in this season. Come enjoy a time of worship and an encouraging word from keynote speaker, Bethany Needham. Be prepared to be blessed!

Moms and Mentors: Conversations Around the Table
As moms and leaders, you are walking along side each other as you bring up this next generation of young women. We invite you to enjoy some chocolate and learn from one another through a small group guided discussion. We hope this gives you a chance to tell real stories, have Christ-centered conversations, and encourage one another as you disciple young Christian women.

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