a one day event for the girls of New England | November 18 | Hudson, MA

Girl Talk & Labs

Everyone attends Girl Talk. You will choose 1 AM Lab and 2 PM Labs the day of the event.

Morning GIRL Talk Session

Large room session featuring 3 engaging presenters.

Girl Talk is a unique session for everyone at Simply Beautiful where you will hear amazing women of God share short, impactful talks on important topics. We have an unbelievable line-up of hand-picked voices who you will absolutely love hearing!

Rachelle Chase: WAKE UP

Kristine Rego: Be Anxious for Everything

Mikella Van Dyke: A God-Sized Dream

Morning Labs

Your group will have 1 lab time in the morning opposite your Girl Talk session.

Whatever: Cultivating Healthy Thoughts & Attitudes
with Katrina Stevens (ROOM 109)
In this day and age, it’s easy to get our attitudes and hearts distracted by the things of this world – discouraged, depressed, and ready to just give up on people or things. But God has called us to live out Philippians 4:8 and fix our thoughts and attitudes to think on whatever is of Him! Come be challenged to live life in a way that’s 95% attitude.

Labeling that Matters: Deepening Your Relationship with God by understanding how You’re Wired
with Laura Casoni (ROOM 110)
In this workshop, we will explore our personalities. Each personality type connects with God, prayer, and scripture differently. Come and learn more about how you’re wired and some ideas about how you can better connect with your Creator!

Journaling for Your Journey: Bullet Journaling for Your Daily Bible Readings
with Ali Vitello (ROOM 217)
Learn a fun and unique way to study the Scriptures! Verse Mapping helps you dive deep into a single verse to discover its true meaning and context. This is an excellent resource for people who are seeking a deeper way to study the Word and apply it to their everyday lives!

Worship in Wonder: Mixed Media Art Project
with Stephanie Morin (ROOM 211)
Come make a beautiful and unique piece of mixed media art! Using a variety of colors, textures and scripture, you can make something truly special to take with you to remember the day and where you are in your journey at this moment in time. Get ready to listen to some worship music, hang out, and get creative!

Like Mother, Like Daughter…..or NOT? – Real Talk about the Mother-Daughter Relationship 
with Karen Britts (ROOM 117)
Raising daughters can be both precious/problematic, delightful/difficult and often all at the same time. Many times we expect so much out of this mom-daughter relationship. What happens when expectations on either side are not met? A mom and her 2 daughters (21 and 17 years old) will share their experiences and their lessons learnt along the way. This is a lab for for Moms and Daughters to attend together. It will also feature question and answer time specifically for moms and daughters.

Understanding the World of Financial Aid: Practical Advice as You Prepare for College
Deidre Hurley (ROOM 112)
There are few things more intimidating and/or confusing than the prospect of figuring out how to afford a college education. The pursuit of loans, grants, and scholarships are all the focus of the months leading up to your college selection and enrollment. Deidre lives in the world of financial aid and will help you come to a better understanding of the process as she shares some practical guidance and suggestions on how to financially prepare for college.

Fearless Beauty
Sarah Sheppard (ROOM 108)
Our social media, advertising-intense culture is far too often the driving force that shapes our ideas of how we should look but in this lab, we are going
to cut through those lies with God’s truth! This lab will empower young girls with Christian values when it comes to “adorning” ourselves. We will also have some fun with stylist Sarah Sheppard’s style tips and tricks with hair and makeup.

LEGACY: Relationships that Impact a Generation
Lynda Snelling (ROOM 213)
With Jesus’ life as our example, we will look at how we can build intentional relationships with teenagers and pass on godly values that will help shape their lives.

Afternoon Labs

1:10 & 2:05 (Labs repeat unless noted)

Worship in Wonder: Mixed Media Art Project
Stephanie Morin (ROOM 211)
Come make a beautiful and unique piece of mixed media art! Using a variety of colors, textures and scripture, you can make something truly special to take with you to remember the day and where you are in your journey at this moment in time. Get ready to listen to some worship music, hang out, and get creative!  

The Master Choreographer
Mikella VanDyke (ROOM 117)
As dancers, we learn, rehearse, and practice our moves to get us ready for the great performance. That great performance is our lives. God wants to teach you more about him, so that those lessons, rehearsals, and practices become truths that settle deeply into your heart and prepare you to dance with abandon.

From Duty to Delight: Practical Tips to Transform Your Prayer Life
Erica Renaud (ROOM 108)
Many of us get so stuck in the duty of prayer that never experience the joy of it. Prayer isn’t one size fits all. God has created each of us uniquely, as such, the way we relate to Him is unique as well. Come listen to Erica reveal the many styles of prayer and discover that prayer is all about connecting to God with our whole heart not just how and when we pray.

Keeping in Step with the Spirit: A Dance Lab
Wallace “Shep” Sheppard (ROOM 111)
In a world full of trappings and snares, it is important to maintain a strong relationship with God, walk in step with the Spirit, and “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind.” To truly do this, we must be fearless. Join us as we breakdown an introduction to house music and dance and step out of our comfort zone, push past our pride and insecurities, and get in step with the Spirit.

Pitch Perfect
Erin Martin (ROOM 110)
If you love to sing, this lab is for you! We will be learning an a cappella version of the song “No Longer Slaves” by Bethel Music. As we focus on faith, this song reminds us that we have nothing to fear but we have every reason to have faith because we are daughters of the King! The more voices, the better it will be, so come be a part of this special opportunity to work your musical muscles and worship!

Sticks & Stones: When Words Really Do Hurt (for middle school girls)
Angie Gerrard (ROOM 109)
Loser, Dumb, Gay, Ugly, Fat…Perhaps you’ve heard these words before, or have been the one to use them toward others. Have you ever considered the power of words in your life? Join us for a middle school breakout to help define identity based on truth – not on the words of others. And be challenged to use the power of your own words to build up rather than tear down.

Journaling for Your Journey: Bullet Journaling for Your Daily Bible Readings
Ali Vitello (ROOM 217)
It’s easy to read through scripture and miss the applicable parts; what God is saying through His word to you. In this lab, you will learn a modi ed version of bullet journaling to help you get the most out of your quiet times. Join me as we navigate our favorite verses and personalize them in a tangible way!

Being a Strong Servant Leader – Even When It Hurts
Rachelle Chase (ROOM 213)
This workshop will focus on the importance of humility and transparency, in leading others to grow in their faith walk with Jesus. We are going to talk about how to get other girls to really open up and be honest, and how we can help them grow to be stronger disciples who will change the world for Christ.


Hey Girl: Real Talk for Moms (1:10 pm Session Only)
with Bethany Needham
Simply Beautiful is about teen girls AND the women who are walking alongside them! This lab is just for you – to refresh your soul, to encourage and love you in this season. Come enjoy a time honest talk and an encouraging word from keynote speaker, Bethany Needham!

How Big Is Our God: A Devotional for Moms (2:05 pm Session Only)
with Beth Fabo
As we interact with the world each day, our picture of who God is can become smaller. But we have an awesome and majestic God! During this devotional, we will look at three passages of Scripture that will remind us just how great our God is, how worthy He is of our worship and how able He is to handle anything that concerns us.
Subject to Change